International Certificate Course on “Neurodynamic in Clinical Practice”

International Certificate Course on: #Neurodynamic_in_Clinical_Practice #Date: 06 January’ 2024 #Seat: 15 (1st come 1st registration basis) #Fees: 300 USD #Call_for_registration: +85517223105 (Mark Chen – Cambodia) #Venue: Training Hall, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. #Contents: >> Basics of Neurodynamic. >> Diagnosis, Examination & Palpation of neural systems (Palpation of Peripheral Nerves). >> Neurodynamic (neural tension test) test. >> […]

Successfully Completed INFILTRATION, PRP & OZONE Therapy course @Gujarat State of India from 28 Nov to 2 Dec-2021

Successfully completed courses: from 28 Nov to 2 Dec-2021 @ Gujarat_Surat_INDIA Level-1: Inraarticular infiltration and soft tissue injection Level-2: PRP Therapy for MSK conditions Level-3: Ozone therapy for herniated disc Resource Persons: Asst. Prof. S.M MUSTOFA KAMAL (MDMR, MPH, B.Sc.PT, International Course Instructor-UK) & Dr. Monika Milczarek (Extended Scope Practitione, HCPC registered – UK) Organizer: […]

Certificate Workshop on “Clinical Neurodynamics U/L & L/L”

Certificate Workshop on: Clinical_Neurodynamics_U/L & L/L #Date: 24 September’ 2021 (Friday) #Seat: 10 (1st come 1st registration basis) #Fees: 2500 BDT till 30 August (after 30 August 3000 BDT). #Call_for_registration: 01747592604#Venue: Training Complex of Academy of Physiotherapy, Dhaka. #Contents: >> Basics of Neurodynamic.>> Examination of neural systems.>> Neurodynamic (neural tension test) test.>> Application of Neural […]

International (UK) Certificate Course on “Intra-articular infiltration and Soft tissue injection therapy”

#1st_ime_in_Bengaluru#International_UK_Certificate_Workshop_on: ”INTRAARTICULAR INFILTRATION AND SOFT TISSUE INJECTIONS THERAPY “ #Date: 23 & 24 ( Saturday & Sunday) October 2021 #Total_Seat: 20 (First come first registration basis) #Registration_fees: INR 13,000 till 31st August. Till 30 Sept: INR 15,000, From Oct 1st INR 18,000 #Venue: Bengaluru, India #Who_can_join? Physiotherapist, Physician, Orthopedician, General Practitioner (GP), BAMS, BUMS, BHMS […]

Certificate (UK) Workshop on “Mechanical Therapy incorporated with Prolotherapy for Spine”

Date: 18 & 19 September ‘ 2021 Seats: 10 (MPT/BPT/Interns Physio) Registration Fees: 10000 BDT (Payable via online/cash) Call for registration: 01747592604 or online registration: Course venue: Training Complex of Academy of Physiotherapy , Dhaka. Contents: Day-1:  Basic Anatomy, palpation, assessment, physical examination, special test of Cervical Spine & Lumbar Spine. Neural tension test […]

International (UK) Certificate Workshop on: “Intra-articular infiltration & Soft Tissue Injection”

International_UK_Certificate_Workshop_on:”INTRAARTICULAR INFILTRATION AND SOFT TISSUE INJECTIONS THERAPY “ #Date: 4 & 5 ( Saturday & Sunday) September 2021 #Total_Seat: 20 (First come first registration basis) #Registration_fees: 11500 Rs till 20 August.  After 20 Aug: 13000 Rs #Venue: Surat, India #Who_can_join? Physiotherapist,  Physician, Orthopedician, General Practitioner (GP), BAMS, BUMS, BHMS can join the course. #For_Registration: +916352239808 […]

International (UK) Certificate course On “PRP Therapy for MSK pain Management”

International (UK) Certificate Course on: “Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Musculoskeletal (MSK) Pain Management” Date: 22 & 23 January 2020 Total Seat: 06 (Six) Registration Fees: 200 USD/ 15000 BDT Location: Dhaka, BD Call for registration (1st come 1st book): +8801747592604 Course Contents: Introduction of PRP therapy, Indication, Contraindication, Precaustion, Safety maintenance, After care […]

Certificate workshop on “Differential Diagnosis of MSK (Musculoskeletal ) System”

Certificate Workshop on:“Differential_diagnosis_of_MSK (Musculoskeletal) System” Date: 21 February 2020Seat: 15 (Professional/Interns/Final year)Reg. Fee: 2500 BDT Venue: Training Complex of Academy of Physiotherapy, Dhaka, Bangladesh Contents of this module:1. Overview of D/D (Differential diagnosis)2. Overview of MSK conditions (U/L, L/L, Spine)3. Physical examination of U/L, L/L, Spine4. Radiology & Imaging clarification of MSK conditions5. Laboratory investigation […]