Injection Therapy for Therapeutic Purpose has been part of Physiotherapy Practice since 1997 (CSP, UK)

Date: 28 & 29 March 2020 ; Seat: 20 (Medical/Health Professionals are elligible) ; Registration Fee: 18000 Rs

Contact for registration: Dr. Poulam Kr Banerjee Mob: +919007190180 Whatsapp: +919126748266

Contents of this international course: 1) Diagnostic infiltration 2) Joint / Bursa fluid aspiration 3) Clinical infiltration/injection (Joint: AC joint, Shoulder joint, Knee joint, Ankle joint) (Soft tissue: Tennis Elbow type-I, Tennis Elbow type-II, De-quervain disease, Trigger Thumb, Trigger Finger, Planter Fascitis, Retrocalcaneal Bursitis).

Resource Person: Dr. S.M. Mustofa kamal PT (MDMR – Fellow ; MPH -BUHS ; B.Sc.PT – DU ; International Course instructor – UK)

Course is internationally association with: Monroe Medical –Uk ( & Academy of Physiotherapy –BD (

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