#Date: 20 & 21 ( Saturday & Sunday) November 2021

#Total_Seat: 20 #Registration_fees: INR 13,000 till 30 October. After 30 October: INR 14,500On spot : INR 15,500

#Venue: SURAT, India

#Who_can_join? Physiotherapist, Physician, Orthopedician, General Practitioner (GP), BAMS, BUMS, BHMS can join the course.

#For_Registration: Dr. Vipul kachariya ( +916352239808)

#Course_contents: 1. Basics of Intraarticular infiltration and soft tissue injections therapy. 2. Indications, Contraindications, Precautions, Safety , Danger and products require for injections and infiltration. 3. Diagnostic infiltration (Upper limb and Lower limb): how to make a proper diagnosis through use of injections therapy during patient assessment.4. Bursa/joint fluid aspiration: Fluid aspiration technique from traumatized joint/ inflamed bursa.5. Clinical infiltration: Infiltration to joints (AC joint, Shoulder joint, Knee joint , Ankle joint), Soft tissues injections (Tennis Elbow Type-II, Type-I, De-Quarvain disease, Trigger finger and Trigger Thumb, Planter Fascitis, Retrocalcaneal Bursitis )6. Competence examination to get registration from academy (those will pass, their name will be addressed to official website ).

#Method_of_facilitation:* Dr. Monika will facilitate theories via online from Belfast, UK as an international resource person on behalf of Monroe Medical UK.** Asst. Prof. Dr. S.M. Mustofa Kamal will facilitate theories clarification along with full range of hands on practical physically at training venue as an international resource person on behalf of Monroe Medical (UK) and Academy of Physiotherapy (BD).*** Competence exam will be under supervision of Dr.Monika /Dr. Kamal.

#What_you_will_get?》International associated certificate》Course materials, food during course》Updated knowledge to practice》Address yourself along with your certificate registration number to academic official website after successful competence exam.

#Facilitator:1. Dr. Monika Milczarek, HCPC registered and extended scope practitioner (UK). Will cover digital parts (Theories).2. Asst. Prof. (Dr.) S.M. Mustofa Kamal, Assistant Professor, International accredited course instructor (UK). Will cover physical parts along with theories clarification.

#Organizer: Spine Cure Chiropractic & pain clinic, Surat, India.

#Course_is_internationally_associated_with: Monroe Medical (www.monroemedical.co.uk) & Academy of Physiotherapy (www.aopbd.org)

#jointinjection #intraarticular_injection #infiltration #Physiotherapyworkshop #injectiontraining #International #ukcertificatecourse

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  1. Dear DR. Mamta,

    Kindly tell us in which courses you would like to join? Give us your WhatsApp number and location as our organizer can contact you.

  2. Where is it going to happen?. Please send me the details sir.

  3. Dear Doctor,

    You can join this course there at Dhaka-Bangladesh / India / UK / Cambodia? or you can arrange a batch in your place, we will send our resource person who can teach you easily and cost effectively. Kindly share your WhatsApp number as we can communicate with you easily.

    Thanks and regards,
    Team AOPBD.

  4. Dear Doctor,

    Our next training going to held in India on December 2023. If you would like to join please give us your WhatsApp number as organizer can contact you to let you know the details.

    Team AOPBD

  5. Dear Doctor,

    Good Day!!

    Please give us your contact number as organizer from India can call you to inform you all details regarding our upcoming courses in India.

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    Team AOPBD.