Eligibility of the participants:

Contents of this CPD:

Day-1 (5 hours): Basic about PRP, indication, Contraindication, Precaution, Safety and danger, Blood collection procedure, Centrifuge machine operating, Preparation of PRP from human blood, Anatomy and palpation of AC + Shoulder + Elbow + Knee + Ankle + Rotator calf + Tennis Elbow + De-quarvain + Ligaments of Knee + Planter fasciitis.

Day-2 (9 hours): Live demonstration of PRP to AC joint + Rotator calf injury + Tennis Elbow +

De-quarvein disease + Ligament injury at knee joint + OA knee + Ligament injury at ankle + Planter fasciitis + Muscle strain, Competence examination.

Procedure will be use:

  1. PRP preparation from human blood by using a high quality centrifuge machine.
  2. Minimal invasive approach (Injection) for above mentioned conditions.
  3. All aseptic measure will be taken for participants and patients.
  4. All responsibility will be take care by academy of physiotherapy.

Competence Examination procedure:

  1. Practical Examination (70 marks)
  2. Oral examination (30 marks)

Pass marks 70%. Without obtain 70% marks she/he will not be eligible to receive certificate.