“Ozone Therapy for Herniated Disc”

(Avoid surgery and treat with OZONE therapy. Ozone therapy is now much better then surgery as there is no post hospital stay, no further complication, cost effective and minimally invasive painless procedure).

 (BSPT/MPT/MBBS are eligible)

Coverage Area:

Theoretical Part: Anatomy + Palpation + Examination (Physical, Radiological) + Differential Diagnosis + Classification of herniated disc + Mechanism of Disc herniation + Introduction to Ozone therapy + Mechanism of action of Ozone therapy to herniated disc + Dose calculation + Contraindication + Precaution + Extensive literature discussion + Comparison of Ozone therapy and Surgery.

Practical Part (Minimal Invasive procedure): Subcutaneous Ozone application, Deep Muscular ozone application, Ozone application to Disc.

Registration procedure: Submit your BSPT/MPT/MBBS certificate copy along with your contract details to (info@aopbd.org) . After selection among all applicants AOPBD will send an invitation letter to join the course.

You can find the literature here under:

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