Curriculum of this course:

History, Indication, Contra indication, Mechanism of Action, Product

introduction, Precaution, Safety & Disposal procedure, Practical
Application (Trigger point identification, Trapizeus/ Neck pain, Shoulder pain,
Tennis Elbow, De-Quarvain stenosynovitis, Rhomboidus/Thoracic Pain, Multifidus
+ Long extensors/Back Pain, Sciatica + Piriformis Syndrome/Gluteus pain with
lower limb radiculopathy, Hamstring + Quadriceps/Knee pain, Calf/Leg pain,
Planter Fasciitis).

After complete this module participant will be able
to identify the trigger point/ myofascial pain syndrome and will be able to
apply a unique invasive physiotherapy treatment smartly with less physical
effort for the smooth and quick alleviation of patient’s pain.