Certificate on “Integrated Joint & Soft tissue pain management (Minimal invasive approach)”

Course date: TBC

Course Duration: 2 days (15 C. Hours)

Total Participants: 25 (Maximum)

Eligibility of Participants:



Methods   of   Teaching:  Audio  Visual  Aids,  PowerPoint  presentation,  White  board drawing, Practical live demonstration and application.

Language of teaching: English.

Aims  of  the  Workshop:  To  enhance  scope  of  practices  in  health  sectors  as  a  health professional with evidence based practices through quality hands on training.

Outcome of the Workshop: Each participant will be able to diagnose conditions through sound   biomechanical   analysis,   physical   examination   with   palpation.   Understanding whither minimal invasive approach (eg: infiltration/injection treatment) require/not. Will grow self confident  to apply minimal  invasive techniques  (infiltration/injections) in  the

care of patients for prompt recovery.

Curriculum of this Workshop:

Day-1:    Basic  Anatomy  of  Acromioclavicular  (AC)  Joint,  Shoulder,  Elbow,  Wrist  & Fingers, Knee, Ankle, Subacromial Bursa, Common extensor origin at elbow, APL, EPB, EPL,  Retinaculum  &  Tendon  at  palmer  aspect  of  hand,  Planter  Fascia,  Retrocalcaneal

Bursa.   Functional   examination   &   Palpation   of   mentioned   joint   and   soft   tissues. Differential  diagnosis  of  mentioned  joints  &  soft  tissues.  Introduction  of  minimal invasive  techniques  (Intra-articular  infiltration  and  soft  tissue  injections),  indication, Contraindication,  Precaution,  Adverse  effects,  Mechanism  of  action,  Dose  calculation, Product selection. Practical Application of invasive techniques (intra-articular infiltration

& soft tissue injection) to AC joint, Shoulder Joint, Subacromial Bursitis.

Day-2:   Short   review   of   previous   day.   Practical   application   of   minimal   invasive techniques (intra-articular infiltration and soft tissue injections) to Tennis Elbow Type-II

&  Type-IV,  De-quarvain  Stenosinovitis,  Trigger  Thumb  &  finger,  Knee  Joint,  Ankle

Joint,   Planter   Fasciitis,   Retrocalcaneal   Bursitis.   Discussion   session,   Competence examination. Certificate ceremony.

Course Fee:

For two days workshop Fee: 1200 USD.

To & Fro air ticket + Accommodation + Food for resource person. Competence exam (optional): 25 USD / Examinee

NB: Participants who will appear in competence examination they need to obtain 60% marks in both written and practical exam. Those will pass the competence exam they will get  a  registration  number  and  that  number  along  with  name  will  be  uploaded  to  our official  website  for  further  international  verification  by others.  Those  will  fail  in  exam they will not receive any registration number and will not be uploaded his/her name in academic website.

Reseource Person:

Dr. S.M. Mustofa Kamal PT

Degree: MDMR (Fellow), MPH (BUHS), B.Sc.PT (Fact. Of Med. DU)

Certified on: MOTNS (NOI-Australia), ICACBR (Queens University- Canada), Certified Ozone Therapist (OFI), Kinesiology Taping (IKT), MMTS (PhysioHealth), PNF (PNFSI), W. Orthopedic & Sports Medicine (BD).

International membership:

International ozone therapy practitioner (registered under Ozone Forum of India).

Clinical Involvement:

Ex. Clinical Physiotherapist (Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed –CRP) Junior Consultant and In-charge (Centre for Rehabilitation Services –CRS)

Academic Involvement:

Lecturer of Physiotherapy (SAIC College of Medical Science & Technology, Affiliated by faculty of Medicine – University of Dhaka)

Examiner at University of Dhaka (Under faculty of medicine)

Ex. Faculty of Prosthetics & Orthotics at School of Prosthetics and Orthotics

(Funded by International Committee of Red Cross-ICRC)

Course provider by: Academy of Physiotherapy (BD)


Web: Email:   Phn: +8801747592604

Course is associated with Monroe Medical (UK) internationally: