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#Date:  26 – 29 March-2024

#Registration: +66626288997
#Course_Fee: 18000 THB (Early Bird registration till 30 December-2023, after onwards fees will be 20000 THB, No spot registration).

👉 Surface Anatomy & Surface Marking (You will learn anatomy review of full body, surface marking of all joints, Spine, ligaments, Tendons, bony landmarks etc.).
👉 Assessment, Diagnosis & Clinical Test (You will learn how to do patients assessment, How to make a proper screening/ diagnosis of a patient’s, How confirm the diagnosis through physical examination and special test).
👉 Neurodynamic in Clinical Practice (You will learn neural examination, neural tension test, Neurodynamic treatment for upper limb, lower limb, spine etc).
👉 Interventional Pain Management Approach (You will learn basic Interventional pain management techniques, How to remove excess fluid from joints, bursa, tissue space. You will learn how to treat soft tissue lesions, joint pain, arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis promptly through advance Interventional treatment techniques).

🇬🇧 Monroe Medical-UK
🇧🇩 Academy of Physiotherapy-BD

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