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Certificate on “Intra-articular Infiltration & Soft Tissue Injection”

Certificate   on “Intra-articular Infiltration & Soft Tissue Injection” 

Date: 4 November 2016

Total seat: 20

Reg fee: 2500 BDT

Last date of reg: 2 November 2016 (1st come basis)

For reg: +8801747592604  online reg:

Coverage area: AC joint, Shoulder joint, Knee Joint, Ankle Joint, Tennis elbow type-II & type-IV, De-Quarvein Stenosynovitis, Trigger Thumb, Trigger Finger, Planter Fascitis, Retrocalcaneal Bursitis.

Competence exam:

Every participants have to attend a competence exam (exam contains written-20 marks, practical-50 marks & Oral-30 marks, Pass marks is 60%). Without obtain 60% marks he/she will not be eligible to get certificate. Successful participants will be addressed into the AOPBD website for verification by any other regarding the practice of invasive techniques.

Venue: YMCA training centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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