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Certificate workshop on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy


Certificate workshop on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Date: 23 & 30 March 2018

Seat: 10 (BPT/MPT/MBBS are eligible)

Registration Fee: 8000 BDT.

Venue: Training Complex of Academy of Physiotherapy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Day-1: Basic about PRP, indication, Contraindication, Precaution, Safety and danger, Blood collection, Centrifuge operating, Preparation of PRP, Anatomy and palpation of AC + Shoulder + Elbow + Knee + Ankle + Rotator calf + Tennis Elbow + De-quarvain + Ligaments of Knee + Planter fasciitis. Live demonstration of PRP to AC joint + Rotator calf injury + Tennis Elbow + De-quarvein disease.

Day-2: Review of day-1, Live demonstration and application of PRP to Ligament injury at Knee joint + OA knee, Ligament injury at Ankle + Planter Fasciitis + Muscle strain. Competence examination, Certification.

Organized by:

Academy of Physiotherapy, Bangladesh.

Web:  Email:

Phn: 01747592604





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