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Certificate Workshop on “Dry Needling”

Dry Needling at 17 & 18 February

Certificate Workshop on “Dry Needling

Date: 17 & 18 February 2017

Seat: 10 (Final year, Intern, Profedsional Physiotherapist are elligible)

Reg fee: 5000 BDT

Last date of reg: 13 February 2017

Venue: YMCA training Centre, Dhaka.

Coverage area:

Day-1: (4 hours) Introduction of basic dry needling, History of dry needling, Different approaches of dry needling, Difference between dry needling and acupuncture, Indication of dry needling, contraindication of dry needling, Precautions of dry needling, Mechanism of action of dry needling, Safety and disposal issues of dry needling, Brief about trigger pain / myofascial pain syndrome with diagnosis procedure. Practical Application of Dry Needling……

Day-2: (9 hours) Feedback about 1st day with problem solving session, Practical application of dry needling (Rotator culf, Pecs, Arm, Forearm, Thigh, Leg). Practical application of dry needling Neck, Back, Gluts, conditional dry needling (Planter fasciitis, OA knee/ Knee conditions, Piriformis syndrome, De-quarvain, Tennis elbow, Frozen shoulder etc). Competence exam.

You will get:

online course module, 1 box (100 Pc) of dry needle, Pen, Pad, Food during course, Competence certificate with AOPBD reg. No. to address on website.


Strong motivation to practice and get dry needling on your body. Wear loose exposable dress during practical session. No mobile phone/Camera allow within conference room during course.

For registration: 01747592604 / online reg. @

Organize by:

Academy of Physiotherapy

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